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Asigra Tigris Backup: the Next-Gen Approach to Data Security

Defensive tactics (3-2-1) are effective protection against natural disasters and older ransomware but fall woefully short when facing weaponized ransomware and other Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Asigra Tigris Backup takes a completely different approach to protecting data. It is designed to proactively hunt and stop ransomware, not just hide from it. A multilayered proactive approach featuring anti-ransomware and Deep MFA is designed to catch and terminate attacks targeting your backup data.

Tigris Ultra Secure Backup

Bi-directional Scan & Quarantine
Tigris utilizes cutting-edge AI-powered antimalware scanning to catch even zero-day threats. Asigra scans at the LAN level within the Asigra Security Module to complement existing endpoint antimalware. Tigris performs a second ransomware scan during the restore process to quarantine ransomware that had been dormant to prevent reinfection in the production environment.
Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR)
Bidirectional CDR scanning of files for potentially malicious content based on preset policies. The engine will remove subcomponents of a file deemed a threat even if the content is harmless.
Deep MFA
Backup admins are favorite targets for attackers. With stolen credentials they have the keys to the kingdom. Asigra’s Deep MFA creates multi-person MFA for critical tasks (deletion, copy, retention parameters etc.). Deep MFA is also critical for combatting insider threats.
Soft Delete
A hidden folder that holds deleted data for a designated period, fooling attackers into thinking permanent data deletion has occurred. Soft Delete creates a 2-step deletion process and protects against accidental/malicious data deletions. Deep MFA can also be applied to Soft Delete, requiring biometric authentication to delete data permanently.
FIPS-140 Encryption
As threats to sensitive information continue to grow, Tigris Backup encryption encompasses the entire system for all data in flight and at rest. Our cryptography provides hash algorithms, AES symmetric encryption algorithms and random number generation to ensure your backup data is useless to unauthorized individuals.
Variable Repository Naming
Avoid your backups being a sitting duck simply creating a moving target gives you the upper hand. If it can’t find them, it can’t delete them, nor does it know what storage volumes, file systems, or buckets to delete.

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