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Attack Simulator


Attack Simulator
Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training Software

Cybersecurity Training Made Simple

Help your employees protect customer data and comply with international cybersecurity standards

Cyber Security Awareness Training software that strengthens your security infrastructure, reduces the risk of data breach, and helps your employees protect customer data, and comply with international standards of cyber security. Attack Simulator offers security awareness training for companies of all sizes to increase employee’s vigilance regarding cyber-attacks in a prompt and timely manner.

The automatic function is meant to ease your life by taking care of your employees’ training, requiring almost no manual intervention.

For Everyone

250k Employees Enrolled
Attack Simulator has 250 000+ employees enrolled in a training program
Governmental Collaboration
Attack Simulator works with governmental organizations and city halls to ensure safer public services
Organizations Both Large & Small
Attack Simulator delivers training programs to companies that range from a few hundred to thousands of employees
Multiple Languages
Attack Simulator offers training in multiple languages, carefully translated by professionals.

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