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Endpoint Protector


Endpoint Protector
Minimize Data Loss Risk Through Cloud-Based DLP

Cloud Managed DLP Made Simple

Protect your organization’s sensitive data and eliminate threats

Protect your organization’s sensitive data and eliminate threats posed by portable storage devices, cloud services, and mobile devices. My Endpoint Protector is a full Device Control, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) cloud-based solution available for Windows, macOS, as well iOS and Android mobile devices.

Portable storage devices such as USB flash drives, tablets, e-mail applications like Outlook, and cloud services like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc. may cause security issues when it comes to controlling the use of confidential data. With My Endpoint Protector, you can minimize the risk of data loss, data theft, data leakage, and manage your mobile device fleet from a single centralized online console, from anywhere, at any time.

My Endpoint Protector Highlights

Manage Subscription & Client Deployment From One Place
An intuitive DLP and MDM solution, managed from a cloud-based interface, offers a simple and easy access to subscription management, profile details, client software installation files and upgrade options.
Full DLP & MDM Cloud-Managed Solution
Device Control, Content Aware Protection, and Mobile Device Management are the three modules united in the most advanced cloud managed DLP and MDM solution.
Unique Identifier For Your Account
For the security of your account, you receive a unique identifier - an important part of the account, and a mandatory step when installing the My Endpoint Protector client/ agent on a new computer.

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