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FUDO Security


FUDO Security
Manage Priveleged Access In Your Browser

Priveleged Access Management Made Simple

The ultimate tool to supervise priveleged remote sessions

Fudo provides every possible tool to supervise privileged remote sessions, including live sessions viewing, session sharing for both Fudo users as well as third parties. Smooth and rapid integration into any IT infrastructure. Second to none, it’s plug & play for your security needs.

Manage privileged access in your browser. An intuitive GUI and easy configuration allow you to start working in as little as 5 minutes after installation is complete, using native RDP/SSH or database client.

Priveleged Access Management Made Simple

Keep Control Of Remote Sessions
When you need to know and control everything within your organization, when you need to intervene at a moment’s notice, that’s when Fudo PAM’s proactive monitoring gives you the power to detect and terminate any suspicious activity.
Easy Password Management
Managing and storing your passwords has never been easier, or more secure. With our Secret Manager, it’s all about compliance without the need for any third-party plugins.
Optimize The Work Of Your Contractors
Running your business at peak efficiency is paramount. We agree, and with Fudo’s Efficiency Analyzer we give you the most sophisticated tool to measure the productivity of your enterprise. Keeping your organization at the speed of business.
Double-Check Critical Operations
With today’s never ending threat environment you need all the help you can get to stay secure. With 4-eyes authentication we provide you with an additional layer of security that ensures your infrastructure isn’t compromised. We always keep convenience in mind, that’s why you can use superadmin approval on-the-go, with our mobile app
Go Through Hours Of Footage In Seconds
Seeing is believing, and with our Full OCR you’re able to get the complete picture, inside and out. Search an entire session and be in the know.
Share And Collaborate On A Session With Anybody
With ongoing tasks and projects problems need to be solved fast. We give you the ability to join, collaborate and take over a remote session so you always stay in control.

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